Airbomb Mid Air Baiting Device FAQ's

Why does my Airbomb sometimes opens early on the cast?

A smooth controlled cast reduces chance of premature opening. Try slowing your cast down slightly. Try stopping your rod tip higher on the cast. Check the Airbomb casting hook has not bent outwards, which could cause early release. Ensure the leader ring is hung correctly on the casting hook. Ensure line is under tension for casting.

My Airbomb does not open?

Ensure you have hit the clip on your reel hard enough to trigger Airbomb. Make sure the casting hook has not been bent inwards - a narrow angle could make the ring stay on the hook. Particles caught in the bulkhead mechanism may be causing tooth to jam, ensure you are loading the correct side, toothed for particles, pin side for boilies. Ensure the Airbomb is not overfilled. Over-filling can put pressure on the pin, causing Airbomb not to open.

My Airbomb will not lock shut?

Ensure the leader is pulled at the same time as you close the Airbomb. Or use tension from your rod tip if loading one handed. Check bait has not entered and clogged up the pin housing. If it has, wash out and use a baiting needle to clean

What is the best way to retrieve my Airbomb?

Begin your retrieve as soon as the Airbomb hits the water. Lift rod tip to vertical, crank as fast as possible to induce skipping action to help skim Airbomb back across the surface.If timing allows, it is possible to start a retrieve immediately after the Airbomb sprays bait and is on descent before hitting the surface.

My Airbomb has cracked off on the cast.

Should you crack off, Airbomb floats, so it should drift ashore. Use a suitable shock leader to ensure no crack-offs occur. Do not tie directly to a thin braided mainline. Check your knots regularly and ensure they are strong and suitable for braided line. Check your reel clip is suitable and is not causing damage to your line. Keep the rod tip up high after casting - the rod tip will absorb the shock of the line hitting the clip.

Why is the casting leader so long?

The leader is designed for extreme distance; it acts as a buffer against rod tip recoil which occurs under extreme casting load. Excessive rod tip recoil could potentially open the Airbomb on the cast. It is possible to make the leader shorter to suit personal casting style. Simply cut down as required, slide beads up and tie an overhand knot.

Why does my casting leader sometimes tangle up?

A very strong side wind or the users casting style can occasionally cause the leader to tangle, although in most cases, the impact of hitting the clip will still open Airbomb and the bait will be deployed.

What is the small loop on the bead end of the leader for?

The loop is cosmetic; it is not used in the casting process or to attach to your mainline.

Can I download a copy of the TFG Airbomb instruction manual?

Yes, the manual is available here (PDF, 2mb).

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