FishSpy Underwater Camera FAQ's

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last 4 hours, streaming live video to your portable device whilst recording the footage at the same time.

How much footage can I record?

FishSpy has a built in hard disk that will hold up to 7 hours of video. The video can be transferred to any other device by a USB lead. Videos stored on FishSpy itself can be managed/ deleted via the FishSpy app or control screen.

Why is my recording only 30 minutes long?

When recording, files will be split into 30 minute segments. For example, if you do a 2 and a half hour recording, you will have 5 separate 30 minute clips on your camera.

Which devices and/or operating systems does FishSpy work with?

FishSpy is compatible with all Apple iOS devices and any product that uses the Android operating system (e.g. Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei), as well as Amazon Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD tablets. FishSpy does not work with Windows phones, Windows tablets, or HP 'Web OS' devices.

How long does the battery take to charge?

FishSpy can be charged via a USB lead and takes just 3 hours for a full charge.

How do I attach FishSpy to my line, and what happens if it comes off?

It's attached in exactly the same way as you would attach a marker float, FishSpy is supplied with 1 boom. We recommend using a minimum of 50lb braid for your main line in conjunction with a Fishspy boom for your lead. This will prevent break-offs. In the unlikely event that Fish Spy does become detached from your line, don't worry - the camera floats, so all is not lost.

Will FishSpy work in murky water?

FishSpy uses a high quality, low light, lens and sensor to enable you to see much more than you could with the naked eye. Light and depth will have an impact on your ability to see detail and so if the water is very murky or coloured, FishSpy can be submerged to the bottom to get a clearer picture of your bait or lakebed features. The video can then be played back remotely once FishSpy returns to the surface. Take a look at this clip of FishSpy in action in low visibility conditions.

How do I play footage back that has been taken on the Lake bed?

Submerge FishSpy by winding it down to the lake bed, record the footage, then allow FishSpy to return to the surface. As soon as FishSpy is on the surface you will be able to connect to the camera again and use the playback function to view the recorded footage.

Which devices can I watch the live footage on?

You can use any wifi enabled portable device capable of playing a video. Smart phones, tablets, lap tops etc. Android devices are able to connect automatically to the FishSpy through your browser (please use Google Chrome) interface whilst Apple devices require an app available free of charge from the App Store. We strongly suggest you have the latest operating system update installed on your device.

Do I need an Internet or phone signal for FishSpy to work?

No. FishSpy generates its own wifi signal which your portable device receives. There is no need to have a phone signal or access to the internet.

Can FishSpy be used in saltwater?

FishSpy is NOT suitable for saltwater, use in saltwater will damage FishSpy and will void FishSpy warranty.

How deep can FishSpy be submerged?

It's guaranteed to perform at depths of up to 10m.

What Is FishSpy's range

Android devices will work up to 100m, Apple devices will work to 60m as standard and up to 100m when fitted with the optional range extender (see accessory page for details). Poor weather conditions and high waves on the water can affect the normal working range. The height of your portable device is really important in obtaining the best range, we recommend using one of our device sticks. FishSpy has a "Foamy" ring (supplied with the camera) which we recommend is fitted when using the camera over 30m.

How do I attach Fishspy to my line and what happens if it comes off?

It's attached in exactly the same way as you would attach a marker float, FishSpy is supplied with 1 boom. We recommend using a minimum if 50lb braid for your main line in conjunction with a Fishspy boom for your lead. In the unlikely event that Fish Spy becomes detached from your line, don't worry the camera floats so all is not lost.

I cannot connect to FishSpy's Wifi network

Ensure FishSpy is turned to the on position. Manually add FishSpy as a Wi-Fi network on your mobile devise. To do this go into your WiFi settings and 'add network' or 'choose network' and select 'other'. Then use the network SSID provided. This is unique to each FishSpy camera, and can be found on the bottom of the box. Remember the SSID number is case sensitive, and requires a hyphen. (e.g Fishspy-313). You should then be able to connect, please be patient and allow a few minutes. Other active wifi networks in the vicinity may slow initial connection speed. A fully charged FishSpy will ensure a strong signal when setting up. If you lose the packaging when setting up and need the SSID number, it can found by connecting FishSpy to a computer using the USB cable supplied.

How do I transfer my recorded video footage from FishSpy to another device?

Plug in your FishSpy to a PC or laptop with the USB cable supplied. You will then be able to drag and drop the video files off your FishSpy. You will then be able to edit your video footage with aftermarket software, transfer to another devise or upload to social media. Please note the files are in the .avi format.

How much does FishSpy weigh?

It weighs 90 grams so about the same weight as a large marker float.

What resolution is the picture?

FishSpy records pictures in a 640 x 480 resolution. This gives the perfect combination of picture quality and battery life in transmitting live footage to your portable device.

I have fully submerged FishSpy and have lost wifi connection.

Once submerged, FisySpy will lose its wifi connection to your device (wi-fi signals cannot be transmitted through water).

N.B. Your recording will continue whilst FishSpy is submerged, and will be ready for you to view when you re-connect FishSpy to your device once it's resurfaced.

How do I find my action shots?

Rather than searching through hours and hours of footage to find your action shots FishSpy features an 'action tag' so you can mark action moments as they happen and quickly locate the best clips later for convenient playback.

Does FishSpy have sound?

No, there would be little sound to record and we wanted to maximise battery life to keep FishSpy in the action.

What warranty is provided?

For complete peace of mind all FishSpy cameras are supplied with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults or defects. As you would expect this warranty excludes any accidental damage including but not limited to (water ingress through failing to lock the cap correctly, excessive force when tightening the locking ring, impact damage with a hard surface such as a rock or tree) or through natural wear and tear. Please follow the instructions and take care of your FishSpy and accessories because we cannot accept responsibility from incidental or consequential damages caused by the misuse of the FishSpy products or the accessories.

What do I do if I am experiencing interference when playing back recordings or watching live stream footage?

First check you have a good Wi-Fi signal. Ensure FishSpy is floating high in the water. Elavate yourself and your mobile device as high as possible.

Changing channels - Android or Apple (must be operated through browser not App)

The default setting on your FishSpy is channel 6 (you have from 1 to 11 channels to choose from). If however you have a number of FishSpys or other Wi-Fi devices near you and you are experiencing interference you can change your channel. It is very unlikely that you'll ever need to change your channel, however if there is a lot of disruption to your signal we suggest you change to either 1, 5, 7 or 11, then switch back to 6 after fishing.

  • Go to settings then choose Wi-Fi setting
  • Change channel as appropriate
  • Press apply, then follow on screen instructions

Buffer Speed - IOS Apple

Occasionally signal is interrupted and your footage will appear to glitch or jump when fishing at range or experiencing a poor Wi-Fi signal (this can be caused by rough water etc). For best viewing, adjust the buffer speed, by increasing the buffer rate, you will download much more video to your device prior to showing the video. You will have smoother, high quality video but you will have to wait longer before the video starts to play.

  • Go to settings and adjust buffer using slider bar
  • Press apply changes

What if I submerge my FishSpy without securing the fin?

FishSpy is not designed to be submerged without first securing the fin into the locked position; Should you submerge your FishSpy without securing the fin, please follow the instructions below:-

  • Do NOT power up your FishSpy
  • Do NOT connect your FishSpy to the USB lead
  • Leave your FishSpy in a warm dry place to assist in the drying process e.g a warm well vented room
  • Once you are sure your FishSpy is completely dry you will be able to re-use as normal

I cannot find the FishSpy app when using an iPad on apple's app store.

Ensure you are in the app store not iTunes. If you have an ipad you to need change your app store settings to 'all' - to include apps for both ipad and iphones. The iPhone phone app will work fine on an ipad.

Which operating systems will FishSpy work with?

FishSpy is compatible with all Apple iOS devices and any product that uses the Android operating system. (e.g Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei).

FishSpy does not work with Windows phones.

Is FishSpy safe to use in cold conditions?

FishSpy is safe to use in temperatures above freezing, however care must be taken to ensure your FishSpy is not exposed to sub-zero temperatures where ice could form in the crevices in the camera’s collar. We recommend you do not leave FishSpy set up on your rod on a frosty night.

How to I share FishSpy footage on social media?

This blog post by Fishtec explains how to share and edit FishSpy video footage:

What is FishSpy's WiFi bandwidth?

FishSpy uses Wifi 802.11b+g at 2.4Ghz. The user has the option of using 11 channels at this frequency. Each channel has a bandwidth of around 20MHz.

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