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Alan Yates

Alan Yates

Who am I?

Born in Dover I spent my early years fishing for bass from the shore and from the dinghy at Folkestone, Sandgate and Dungeness. During the 1960's and 70's I became involved in match fishing and gained regular success in open events, which lead to becoming a full time angling journalist.

In 1980 I formed the Sea Anglers Match Federation and instigated several major angling events in the UK and Ireland including the Daiwa Pairs and the SAMF UK Masters.

I served as chairman and committee member for the National Federation of Sea Anglers at divisional and national level.

I am proud of the fact that I was the first angler to introduce catch and release in the UK campaigning to introduce new rules and these included the dogfish limit still used today.

During my competition fishing years I have been earned selection to fish for England for 15 years culminating in winning two World gold medals plus countless other gold, silver and bronze medals in South Africa, all around Europe and Ireland.

In parallel to fishing my fishing I have worked as a photojournalist for publications like Sea Angler, Improve your Sea Angling and the Angling Times for 40 years as well as several European publications. In recent times I have been responsible for the Penn National Sea League and the popular Penn Clubman League and I'm currently a Contributing Editor for Sea Angler Magazine.

I am currently enjoying putting my years of experience to good use by developing a range of premium tackle, that I think is as good as anything available. I understand the rigours of being a sea angler, the punishment that tackle takes, and I am proud to say that the my gear is unmatched for strength, durability and performance.

Tested & Trusted

DELTA GT 8000 & 10000

Tested for: 18 months
Used for: Fishing snaggy rocks

This stunning duo of surf casting reels have all the big crank power required for big fish and big distances.

"I carry a Delta loaded with 30lb braid which is great for coping with really snaggy venues because it’s first few turns of the handle return lots of line. Whilst when using a multiplier, barely inches are retrieved on the first few turns of the handle!"

Immaculate line lay and wide spool shape allow for friction free casts to hit the spot time after time. Super smooth oscillation and finely tuned gears means this is a reel that excels the harder you put it to work. Finished in a striking metallic white with silver spool this reel is one of the sexiest looking big surf-casting reel ever made.

  • Superior line lay
  • Distance shaped spool
  • Heavy-duty cranking gears
  • Big crank handle
  • Line safe clip
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • 10+1 ball bearings
Delta GT 10000

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Whats in my kitbag?

I am extremely excited about our fantastic new range, I have hand-picked and designed what I now consider to be the best tackle available.

The past 12 months has seen my battling gales on beaches throughout the UK with nothing but my Hurricane shelter to keep me warm and dry, perched precariously on craggy cliffs relying on my sure gripping Rock Hopper boots to get me safely to the best marks. I have cast further than ever before into foaming surf thanks to my new S-Mag65 reels, I have cranked Pollack from wrecks in the Channel with the invincible Force 8 boat rod, yes it's been exhausting but what a year I have had!

What's in my current kit bag? And Why?

Delta Beach Caster 16ft Allrounder Rod

A specialised continental style rod is an essential of any beachcaster range and this new TFGear 16ft three-piece model is the answer to lots of angler's dreams.
View Rod Details Here

S-MAG65 Reel

The combination of magnetic and centrifugal braking allows you to fine tune the reel to suit whatever the conditions throw at you and still achieve maximum range.
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Hurricane Beach Shelter

Designed for the worst of the British weather the TFGear Hurricane beach shelter is set to become a familiar sight on our coastline.
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Dave Lane

Alan Yates

Who am I?

I first started fishing with my Father in the mid sixties and captured my first ever carp on floating crust around 1970. I used to fish for most species in those days and I became a very competent Tench angler during the summer months, turning my hand to Pike throughout the winter.

I grew up in Sussex and spent a lot of time fishing the gravel pits around the Chichester area; it was here that I started to get a taste for the bigger pits and targeting particular fish. In the nineties I started fishing in the Colne Valley which, at the time, was considered the Mecca for UK carp anglers and I learned a great deal on waters such as Pit 4 and Harefield, where I caught my first thirty pound carp.

From here I progressed to Horton where I became the first UK angler to land two, three, and then four different fish in excess on forty pounds. I also won the carp angler of the year title a couple of times during this period. After Horton I moved on to Wraysbury and captured my first fifty pound fish, around this time I also started consulting for bait and tackle firms and this would lay the foundation for my employment in the future. I also had my first book 'An Obsession with Carp' published and wrote regular articles for most of the leading carp fishing magazines. My second hobby has always been photography and this proved the perfect partner for my growing career as an angling writer.

Over the next few years I travelled around the country targeting big carp from extremely difficult waters and, by 2004 I had notched up five different UK fifties, a feat unequalled at the time in this country. My fifth fifty was the infamous Black Mirror from Colne Mere, one of the most sought after fish in the land. In addition to my regular writing and consulting career, over the next eight years, I became heavily involved in product development and travelled all over the world to ensure samples of carp fishing tackle were made to my requirements. During this period I also launched a bespoke range of carp equipment, designed packaging, catalogues and advertising and had my second book 'A Flick of the Tale' published.

I now live in Suffolk with my wife, children and carp dog Paddy, and continue to share my working hours between fishing, writing and product development. I have an writing output of around 10-15 thousand words a month and I am just starting to put together a third book, hopefully to be ready for publication within a year, hopefully being the operative word!

I am currently working on the 'Hardcore' range of products and intend to use all my experience to create a range of tackle that I can be proud to put my name to, and happy to use in the pursuit of my next monster carp.

Tested & Trusted


Tested for: 12 months
Used for: All my carp fishing!

Why accept less when you can have it all?

"From blasting baits over 130yds, landing fish in heavily weeded conditions, to catching fish on zig rigs where a forgiving tip section has been a blessing particularly when I hooked into a forty six pound common using a six foot light hook-link and size eight hook!I use these rods on huge gravel pits at extreme range, small intimate waters for delicate margin work, to just fishing with them for pleasure. It's not often you find one rod that can do everything you ask of it but, over the last year, these rods have done exactly that, I love them!"

At the heart of your fishing lies the rod. Uncompromising design, the latest technology and tested to destruction by Dave Lane we are proud to announce the arrival of the ultimate carp fishing range.With the Dave Lane Nan-Tec Carp rods you won't merely enhance your performance, but reach your fishing targets, cast longer, gain greater control and win more battles.

  • Utilises the latest carbon fibre technology
  • High performance and incredibly lightweight
  • Offers superb raw casting performance
  • Pure fish playing action - achieve total control
  • Massive levels of power with built-in subtlety
  • Ideal for extreme range and perfect for subtle margin tactics

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Nantec Carp Rod

Whats in my kitbag?

To be the best I have to use the best.

My angling depends on tackle that will help me fish better, to keep me warm and dry, to ensure I am able to stay out there when everyone else has given up, to cast further, to put a bait where no one else can, to know that if the next fish I hook is my biggest I am ready, to know when my moment comes nothing will let me down.

The last year has been amongst my most exciting and demanding ever. Huge gravel pits have inspired my Nantec rods where distance and power meant extra yards on my casts, surviving fierce autumn gales in my Hardcore bivvy whilst others were literally blown off the lake, trekking miles of bank in my extreme boots, relying on that one single bleep from my Mag-Runners to trap my first 30 of the winter, yes when I reflect it's been a good year, lots of big fish caught, great memories made, hardships endured and overcome, almost the perfect year........

What's in my current kit bag? And Why?

Dave Lane Hardcore Bivvy

Having designed a fair few bivvies over the years it was nice to be given a free hand and left to produce what I consider to be the best multi-functional bivvy on the market.
View Bivvy Details Here

TF Gear Extreme Boots

Combining unbeatable grip, incredible stability and the latest in endurance fabrics these boots provide unbeatable protection and performance.
View Boot Details Here

Dave Lane Mag Runner Alarms

Total reliability is what you can expect from these superb new alarms. Designed to perform whatever the weather, in all fishing situations.
View Alarm Details Here